About Jessica

My Super Power

I excel at working with organizations undergoing transformational change, whether of a single function (such as HR, IT, or Sales) or an entire enterprise. It has been my privilege to support the change journeys of many large, diverse, global stakeholder groups.  

Fast Facts

  • Hawai'i native turned Venice Beach resident
  • 2016 Chief Learning Officer Trailblazer Award 
  • Worked in 18 states and 2 foreign countries
  • Deployed projects with up to 60 global sites
  • Managed teams of 1-15, including virtual team members based in Chicago, Columbus, London, Frankfurt, and Sydney
  • Speak Spanish, French, and a little bit of Hawaiian, Japanese, and Mandarin

Jessica's Top 12

Here are 12 of my favorite things to create:

  1. Change Strategy & Plan (including stakeholder assessment and impact analysis)
  2. Evaluation & Measurement Strategy
  3. Kickoff (Launch) and Training Decks
  4. Executive Sponsorship Materials
  5. Newsletters / Blog Posts
  6. Migration Communications
  7. Training Announcements / Course Descriptions
  8. Quick Reference Guides
  9. Workbooks and Worksheets
  10. Web Page Design
  11. Training Video Treatment
  12. Adoption Campaigns / Contests