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Senior Consultant

Organizational Effectiveness

What are the keys to OE success?

BizLibrary Podcast / Episode 27 [23:09]. Explore one definition of organizational effectiveness (OE) and 3 key success factors from recent engagements. https://www.bizlibrary.com/resources/bizlibrary-podcast/episode-27-organizational-effectiveness/


Organizational Change Management: Tech Adoption

I partner with visionary leaders and IT teams to drive results and deliver value from system and process initiatives by implementing change plans that minimize downtime/resistance while increasing tech adoption and productivity. 


HR Project/Program Management: Workforce Readiness

Collaborating with progressive HR leaders and teams, I facilitate the development and execution of employee programs designed to contribute to a more agile, aligned, competitive, innovative, and well prepared workforce.


Business and Technical Writing: Print/Digital Content

With extensive writing and editing experience, I am highly skilled at creating and deploying a wide variety of print and digital content, with specific expertise in business reports; articles/posts; and custom meeting/training collateral.


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